Iban Girls


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Yussuf is an extremely passionate photographer living in Brunei. He specialise in capturing landscape in the best available light wherever and whenever possible.
“It all started back in 2014 after I graduated from my study. I picked up my first dslr not having a clue how to use it. Years passed and I decided to dedicate all my free time to learn the ever growing art of photography and I’ve never looked back since! 2014 marks the year that I started taking things more seriously. I wanted my landscape photography, above all else, to grow on a much higher level. I wanted to share my experience with the world, whether it be educational or hopefully to some inspirational.”
Yussuf has traveled to more than 5 countries worldwide. Professional photography assignments transport him to some of the world’s most spectacular places – an experience that has been one of his favourite aspects of becoming a photographer.